A light Behind the Dark


It was one of the most horrible thing in my life. Nobody hoped it for happening in their life. I was one of them, because I never imagined that a terrible experience happened in my life. It came withou any alarm, but it made people feeling worry very deeply. Many people also lost their happiness and hopes. There were children who lost their parent. There were parent who lost their children. It was my horrible experience when a big earthquake happened in my hometown, Padang Pariaman, West Sumatera two years ago.
I was a new college student of STAIN Bukittinggi at the time, who had to stay far from my family. I stayed at the dorm, the dorm of my campus exactly. It was a new experience which was also very hard for me. I had to face all the thing in my life by me my self. I could not meet my parent everyday. It was the most difficult thing for me personally. Besides, I had to prepared all my need and take care of my self.
One day, after finishing my long course, I had to cook for my dinner yet I was very tired. However, I kept my spirit, because I would not eat before cooking first. I cooked with some friends who also had to cook by them their self at the time. Slowly, we were able to enjoy it. During cooking, we talked and discuss about our first experience in the campus. Finally, we could forget our burden for a while.
It changed dramatically when the big earthquake happened suddenly. It was about 5.00 pm on September 30. I did not finish our cooking yet when the earthquake forced us to safe our self. I did not think and care about my cooking anymore. I run outside the dorm without wearing the veil, my friends too. Some of them cried, and some else were silent in their terrified included me. For long time we just stayed outside, because the earthquake happened repeatedly.
Tears formed in my eyes as I heard from the radio that my hometown was the centre of that big earthquake. I just realized that I was far from my family. I thought about their condition. Are they okay? However, I could not hide my feeling in the button of my heart. I worried if something bad happened to them. I tried to call them, but it did not work. I waited a lot of information about them, but it did not come. My friends tried to calm me. They said that my family would be fine, but I could not believe it at all. I remembered my parent, brothers, and grand mother. I cried and cried until my eyes was swellen. If I could, I would go home without waiting eventough it is only a second.
In the early morning, I did travel to my hometown, but the journey was different than usual. We could not pass Lembah Anai, because it was broken as the effect of that big erthquake. As the alternative, we had to go via Maninjau. It spent time longer than before. On the buss, I heard the chat of another passengers. They also worried their family, as me my self. On my way, I saw very sadness situation. Many homes, schools, and mousques were broken. They were so smashed that hurt my heart. Suddenly, I remembered my family. Again, my tears forced in my eyes.
I arrived at home at 6 pm when the sky has been dark as dark as my feeling at the moment. I cried when I saw my mother, my mom did too. Mom hold me as strong as she could. She asked about my condition. I felt how she worried my self. She did not care about her sorrow. I so realized how great my mother was. Then, I saw the sadness situation around me. I saw my home, my aunt home, and my neighboor home were different than what I always saw before. Many trees fell down to the land and I saw chidren who asked their parent if the end of the world would come soon. It was very frightened. Again, the tears formed in my eyes.
We stayed at the shelter for somedays. It was very hot, in the afternoon and very cold in the night. In this difficult situation, God sent help trough kind people from all region of this country even the world. In every school, there were many students who collected their money to help us. In every office, the workers collected their money too. They sent foods, cloths, and blankets for us. It was very meaningful and useful, so we never felt alone in facing that difficult situation. I thanked to God for all, because I believed that it was His way to show His power to us. It was a very terrible experience which lead me to be more closer with our creator, Allah SWT.


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