A teacher is not born, but created


Humanly, we have a great passion to explore our self time by time. We have the passion to know everything we ever see and hear. Naturally, we will learn about many things in order to support our life. Besides, there is the existence of a teacher on it eventhough we sometimes are unconcious. The ant teaches us how to live in togetherness, it is our teacher in this situation. The rooster teaches us to wake up in the early morning everyday, it is our teacher in this case. Actually, we are able to learn by our self, but the result will be better if we have a teacher to guide us to be master of something. We can say that learning process depends on the existence of a teacher, a good teacher exactly. They have very important role in creating the success learning. A good teacher has some folowing elements which are the result of his self exploration about teaching and learning.
First of all, a teacher has to love his job. If she really loves and enjoys his job, he will do manythings to create an interisting class. He looks happy with whatever he is doing. When he is happy in teaching, his student will be happy in learning. It will give the positive effect during learning. In contrary, when the teacher look unhappy with what he is doing tend to give the negative effect on his students. If the students are feeling happy, they will absorb the knowledge better. Their feeling is influenced by their teachers’ feeling. A teachers’ feeling depends on his feeling on his job. The teachers’ love about his job is really crucial in creating an interesting class.
A good teacher is not only someone who loves his job, but also an entertainer who is able to create some interesting joke during learning process. Students should give full attention on learning process. They have to be seriouss in order to get success in their learning. However, it may not be dominant, it has to be balance. Everybody enjoys being entertain included students. Students will be interested to the teacher who has the creativity in joking. It will share many positive things to the students who will get the better result. It is the goal of learning, is not it? So, it is not a bad thing if a teacher gives a joking during learning as long as they are able to make it balance each other.

In addition, teacher should have the good ability in talking with his students. He has to chose the most appropriate language which he addresses to his audience. The formal language is not the best all the time. Sometimes, the informal language is able to give the comprehension to the students better than the formal language. The goal of communication is to deliver some message, the formal language is not the gurantee of it. The teacher also needs to give attention on his students’ feeling well. They are not stone, but they are human, who has feeling and human right. Teacher should care of what they are feeling before talking with them. It is important to avoid the misscommunication between them. Besides, the goal of the conversation can be achieved effectively.
Finally, it is about a thing which is corelated with the teacher’ ability in talking, that is the teachers’ talking time dominance. Teacher who talked too much in class will be terribly in a learning process. Students will feel bord if they only listen to their teacher during learning. It should be avoided as could as possible. Students need space to perform their progress in learning. One way is by performing it in class. In contrast, teacher will not know his studetns’ progress if they are just silent during the learning process. It does not mean that students should be dominant, but it should be balance each other. It is the teachers’ burden to get the balance right.
It can be concluded that a good teacher is not born, but they need to explore their self in finding the way which is most appropriate to certain situation. There is no the best method, it will be the best if we imply it in the most appropriate condition. sSometimes, they need to talk by using the formal language, but in the different time, it is better to them to use the informal lnguage. Furthemore, teacher must create the balance rigth in talking with the students during the learning process. Someone, who is able to complete it, will achieve the success learning better than the another one.


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