Instant Noodle, The Junk Food Which Cause Three Deadly Diseases to Humans’ Health


Do you know Irfan Bachdim? Do you know Dude Harlino? Do you know Aburizal Bakrie? Irfan Bachdim is a popular Indonesian football player. People around our country know him very well. My little nephew knows him as well as my grandfather does. If we discuss about Indonesian popular and handsome actor, our mind goes to Dude Harlino. He is the symbol of a talented and good actor. Furthemore, in economical concern Aburizal Bakrie is always being the topic. What is the reason? He is the most rich person in Indonesia even in Asia. Now, I come to my last question. If we talk about the instant and fast food which is very popular in our country what is in your mind? I will give you some clues. As stated by Wing (2005), “ They are cheap, easy to be prepared and, well, instantly gratifying. Children love it.” It can be said that by paying around one thousand until one thousand and five hundred you will get it. Just spending five until ten minutes you can get your lunch. It is the instant noodle which is also known as the junk food which causes some deadly deases.

I will tell you what the instant noodle is exactly. Instant noodles were first marketed by Momofuku Ando, who was born in southwestern Taiwan under the brand name Chikin Ramen. Then, our country adapted that concept. The Indofood Sukses Makmur is the company which produces the instant noodle, it is the largest instant noodle producer in the world eventhough it is often crticized as the unhealthy food or junk food. It is an unhealthy food which should be avoided for preventing our self from the danger illness. According to Ricky (2010), “Instant noodle is high carbohidrate, but low in energy, fiber, vitamins, and mineral.” It means that it does not supply the need of our body, but it is only able to make us feeling full without the energy. It typically containts many sodium, monosodium, glutamat, hydroxy methyl, benzoid acid etc which are very dangers to our kidney, colon, anad brain. In addition, other ingredients such as caramel, vegetable protein hidrolisat, ribotide, iron and malate acid whose function is unclear. In addition spice noodles, such as salt, sugar, red chilies, garlic, onion, tomato sauce, soy sauce, MSG and taste igredients are also often used the additive. They are suspected as the main cause of cancer, the deadly diseases. What we have to realise is slowly but sure it can disturb our body system.

First, let me explain one by one. Instant noodle which contents many addictive and MSG as I have explained before is very dangers to our kidney. When we consume the instant noodle everyday, the chemichal in its’ igredients will be filtered by our kidney. When we eat the instant noodle continually, the igredients will accumulated on it, slowly but sure our kidney will get errotion. We all already know that the kidney is very vital for our life.

Besides, the instant noodle as its name “instant” also causes the colon cancer. It often happens to the person over the age of 40. Genetic is the most factor why someone get it, but you should know that what you eat also contributes to your health. The chemical unsures are difficult to be cleaned by our colon. Our colon needs three days to clean the addictive and the other MSG. So, when we eat the instant noodle everyday, the waste will be stored in our colon. They are able to create the hole on it, however our colon is vey crucial for our health. If so, we have to cut the colon, because they are sticky each other. Can you imagine if our colon has been cut? It can change all side of your life. Right then, I will explain the effect of instant noodle to our brain.

One of the main cause of brain cancer is the instant noodle. The case is quite similar with both problem I have explained above. The chemical unsur which is containt in the igredients is able to disturb our brain. The MSG in high amount can cause the brain cancer. They are the chemical unsure which are very damger to the brain. First, the suspected fill get the hard headache. Later, the suspected can be unconsiously in any time. That are some signal of brain cancer. As we know, the brain cancer is a deadly deseases which is very hard to be recovered. It often ends by the death.

It can be concluded that instant noodle is very danger. It containts many addictive and chemical unsure which are sensive to our body. When we consume it over, it can cause three deadly deases to our health. Many people who got the colon cancer claimed by doctor that it is the effect of over consuming the instant noodle. The kidney failure and brain cancer is also stated as the effect of over consuming the instant noodle. Life is very short, so do not make it more short by consuming the instant noodle over. Your life, my life and our life is a gift, so let’s keep it well.


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