Prophet muhammad saw is the best one, public figure, who knows?


Young moslem generation are you still alive? If yes, where are you? Nowdays, moslem generation has forgotten their real identity. Young moslem generation have not realized anymore that they are the follower of prophet Muhammad SAW. They do not show their respect to the prophet. In contrast, they are over in admiring their idol such as actor, actress, singer, athlete, and even motivator. It is a human being if we are interested of actor or actress, but it will be a serious problem if we are over in admiring them. As an idol, prophet Muhammad SAW and public figures are really different, yet they have one similar side.
One obvious difference is the history. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the one who is chosen by the creator being the last prophet. In the word of Muhammad (2007:66), “Allah memenuhi hati Muhammad dengan keimanan dan memberinya cahaya kenabian. Allah memilihnya sebagai manusia terakhir yang mengemban misi kerasulan bagi semua manusia.” Since he was child, he was directly educated by Allah SWT. He was a fatherness before he was borned. Furthemore, he was a motherness since he was two years old. He had faced many hard things durimg his life. In contrast, the public figure as mentioning above are human as we are. They are not educated by the God, but they are educated by their parents. In addition, they are not directly chosen by by God. Whoever can be a public figure, but only a chosen one who is able to be a prophet.
Other areas of diference is the characteristic. Prophet Muhammad SAW has amazing personality. He was honest, full of love, noble and trustworthy., so there is no doubt that he was the perfect model for all people over the world. As stated in Al-Qur’an, (Surah 33:21), “Sungguh, telah ada pada (diri) Rasulullah itu suri tauladan yang baik bagimu (yaitu) bagi orang yang mengharap (rahmat) Allah dan (kedatangan) hari kiamat dan yang banyak mengingat Allah”. It is clear that prophet Muhammad SAW is the best model for people who hop the God bless. On the contrary, there is no guarantee that public figures have the wonderful personality. Nobody can say that they are perfectly honest, full of love, noble, and trustworthy. In front of the camera, they show their best attitude. They smile to everyone everyday. They like to help others who need their help. However, we do not know wether it comes from the buttom of their heart or not.
A final difference is the effect of admiring prophet Muhammad SAW and public figure. If people admire prophet Muhammad SAW, what they will get is the real happiness. As sated by Syech Hasan Alatas that with the whole package of his wonderful personality, he has done wonderful change from the jahiliyah to the islamiyah. If somebody follows all prophets’ habit and attitude, he will find the real happiness not only in the world but also akhirah. However, when people admire their lovely actor, actress, or singer, they do not always get the positive effect forever. People who are over fanaticsm will try to imitate their idols’ style and attitude. In fact, there is no guarantee that they all have good attitude or behaviour. Everybody knows that public figur is identical with the glamour life. Besides, almost all public figure especially female who do not keep ther genitals well. It proves that they are not the perfect model, but they may share some negative values to their fans.
In spite of these differences, this both figures share the same point.
Both figures are able to motivate and inspire other. Prophet Muhammad SAW is the most inspiration figure in the world. During his life, he had shared many positive values for all people over the world. He motivates people to not be tired struggling Gods’ religion. His spirit of life always motivates people to do the same. Likewise prophet, public figures such as actor, actress, or singer are also able to motivate and inspire people especially their fans. We may not declare that they are totally bad. However, they can inspire other like how they strugle in reaching their dreams. They never give up to make their dreams come true eventhough they have to faced many hindrances. They are the points why public figures are also able to motivate and inspire other.

Prophet Muhammad SAW and public figures are inspiration for people. Both of them can motivate people to do their best. They are the succes figure in each area. On the other hand, they are really contrast each other. Prophet was a motherness and fatherness, so God direcly educated him since he was child. He was a special one who was directly chosen by Allah SWT. Morever, he had amazing and wonderful personlaity. He was the most perfect person in the world. Above all, he always shares many positives values to all people over the world. Nothing bad values which he shared to his followers, it is only the positive effect forever. In comparison, public figures are not the chosen one. Everybody who has desire to be an actress or actor can realize it if they are totally strugle to make their dreams come true. As the public figure, they are not the best model for people. Their personality is not as amazing as prophet Muhammad SAW. Last, they do not always share positive effect to the people espicially their fanatic fans. So, eventough both figures are able to inspire and motivate people, they are really contrast each other. If someone askes who is the best idol in the world, we should automatically answer prophet Muhammad SAW.


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